Own a Piece of the Future Today! Get one of Nftikets Convertible Note NFTs

Grab the opportunity to own our convertible note NFTs that give investors the opportunity to own a piece of the company and share in its future success.

Why should you Own a Piece

Backed by real-world assets:

Nftikets Convertible Notes are backed by real-world assets, such as investors royalties(NTF Marketplace). This gives investors peace of mind knowing that their investment is backed by something tangible.

Invest in the future of ticketing

Nftikets is a leading music NFT platform that is revolutionizing the way music is bought, sold, and experienced.

Convert to equity

Nftikets Convertible Notes can be converted into equity in Nftikets. This gives
investors the opportunity to share in the company's success.

120 NFT’s available

Our Nft’s are limited and hence investors should make a move to secure a piece
of this rare convertible note.

Make Your Move

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