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20th September, 2022

How event organisers can improve ticket sales.

Before online ticket management softwares, selling tickets depended on a face-to-face encounter with prospective attendees...

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3rd October, 2022

How to sign up on Nftikets

Nftikets custom design enables swift ticket verification and provides multiple payment options, including online, offline, crypto and multiple currency payments

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6th October, 2022

How to create an event on Nftikets

Creating your virtual or in-person events has never been easier. Nftikets allows you to create your event and digital tickets to that event for free!

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9th October, 2022

NFT ticketing - Why blockchain ticketing is the future

Blockchain ticketing is the process of producing (minting) tickets as digital assets that record access credentials to an event on a blockchain, and that cannot be changed or altered.

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